Viral Video: Trump Rally Gets Lyrically Trolled BY BLM Activists

By Scotty T Reid – Apparently, an old rap track featuring the late Nipsey Hustle and YG titled “FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)” which was released as an exclusive video on WSHH (Warning For Language and N-Bombs) in 2016 is seeing a resurgence in the streets as activists are playing the track at rallies and demonstrations.

The video is interesting in that before the rapping begins, a rose-colored political message looking back at the Obama administration that wasn’t directly encouraging anyone to vote for Hillary Clinton, but rather was as the title would suggest, encouraging a vote against Trump.

For a person who has publicly taken a position on the sorry state of hip-hop in corporate hands, the track makes generous use of a variation of the n-word that is just as harmful today as it was since the word came into popular use to dehumanize Africans and their descendants during chattel slavery and the reconstruction of government based on white supremacy after the American Civil War.

Musical ethics aside, the hook is catchy, and trolling obnoxious Trump-loving neo-confederates with a portable pa system and music is pretty funny.

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