The Harsh Reality Podcast Presents: Ep.1 (Marlissa “Mars” Herring)

Interview with Marlissa “Mars” Herring: CEO/Co-Founder and President of Fit, Black, and Educated Inc. She has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years motivating people through sports, personal training, and obstacle course races.

• Introduction: Background Information
• The importance of black fitness and stigma associated with the fit lifestyle in urban communities.
• Nutrition and food deserts.
• Education in the Black community. There is a lack of Black Americans who know basic Black American history/important figures. How do we change this?
• Thoughts on the election and voting in general.
• Where do we go from here as a community and movement post-election?
• Importance of black entrepreneurship
• Wrap Up (plug business information, events, socials, etc.)

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