Harsh Reality Podcast Ep.15 KWAZ SwapCast (Featuring Kokou of The Bitter Medicine Podcast & Oni of The Pro-Black Perspective)

KWAZ SwapCast (Featuring Kokou of The Bitter Medicine Podcast & Oni of The Pro-Black Perspective)
• How will the “2nd Wave of COVID-19 affect the black community. Will Biden and other politician encourage mandatory vaccinations? How would this be implemented if it were to pass?
• Why won’t Trump concede? and the possible outcomes.
• Reaction on Van Jones crying on national television and saying he feels safer in Biden’s America.
• Reactions to Gov. Desantis attempt to expand Florida “Stand-Your-Ground” laws to enable deadly force on rioters/looters and those blocking highway/roadways.
• The growing divide between Pan-Africanist vs ADOS/FBA. Can a compromise/alliance be reached?
• Wrap Up

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