BTR News: Ice Cube Hocking Worthless Land & Titles To African Americans

By Scotty T. Reid – Ice Cube wants you to dip into your pocket and spend hard-earned dollars on some conservation effort in Scotland with an appeal to your vanity. Coming off the hamfisted way he tried to enter the national scene as a major player in politics on behalf of Black people and authorized to make deals with one of the most outwardly racist presidents in modern US political history, Ice Cube emerges promoting land ownership and titles.

It seems interesting that Mr. Jackson appears to need coins so badly to maintain his lifestyle that he is hocking worthless land and titles that white people use as a novelty gift with their disposable income. Let’s be real, Ice Cube was hired to hock this nonsense and waste of resources to Black people, people who are the most negatively impacted under these economic conditions created by a COVID 19 pandemic that is still killing them disproportionately. Admittedly, Mr. Cube has crossed over to Hollywood, no longer interested in burning it down, has a considerable number of white fans who may be larger than his black fan base. When you think about it, it seems like a perfect setup for an SNL skit.

I mean don’t we already have rappers calling themselves Lords and they ain’t pay a penny to do so. Sit down, Mr. Yay Yay.

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