The Harsh Reality Podcast Presents: Ep.2 (Felecia S. Killings)

Our guest today is the beautiful, outspoken, and powerful Felicia S. Killings. She is a conservative activist, motivational speaker, award-winning coach, and accomplished author. Additionally, she is the driving force behind the growing Conscious Conservatism movement and I am overjoyed that she has graciously accepted my offer to come on the podcast and discuss the principles behind this growing movement and the political landscape in general as it pertains to our community.

Interview Topics
• Introduction
• Explain the ideal, principles, and/or goals of the Conscious Conservative movement
• The stigma of the concept of “conservatism” in the black/urban community. Was Lyndon B. Johnson correct in his infamous alleged quote on the voting preference of African Americans?
• Why does the liberal/democrat party seem to have such a stranglehold in the black community?
• The lack of effective outreach from mainstream conservatives and the Republican Party
• Are black heterosexual men essentially “homeless” in today’s political landscape? What can be done to capture this demographic?
• Where do we go politically from here after this election season and this tumultuous year?
• Wrap Up

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Conscious Conservative Network

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  1. Hello was just interested in chatting and getting to know more about what you do and your storyy name is Tyefia McLean also a educator form NY and i would love do mire for the black community especially health care and mental health.

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