The Harsh Reality Podcast Ep.16

• A look at the incident involving the black restaurant owner and the twerking black women customers. Thoughts on who was in the wrong in this incident.
• In response to Chicago’s planned school re-opening, Chicago Teachers Union sends out a tweet calling the move sexist, racist, and misogynist, are they actually concerned with safety or wanting to get paid for not working? Does this move kill the notion about the perceived self-lessness of teachers and frontline workers?
• The self-proclaimed King of the South T.I. and the King Von incident(R.I.P.) Did T.I. imply killing should be done only in the rapper’s own city or were his words misrepresented?
• Marijuana legalization is accepted by 2/3s of the population. Should it think it should be legal nationwide or decriminalized?
• Lavar Ball willing his sons into the NBA despite the media’s attack on his character. His advice to his son on not settling or entertaining women while he seeks professional growth.
• Vax on the way for the “Rona,” will there be nationwide mandates?
• Wrap Up

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