The Harsh Reality Podcast Ep.17

• Lizzo losing weight and the diet culture/fat shaming. Why bettering yourself is sometimes frowned upon among certain circles.
• The C-19 Vaccines are here, will they be required to enter public spaces? Are these press conferences actually hurting the public’s perception of the vax.
• Is the newfound American youth surge in socialist ideas and philosophy based on entitlement, laziness, and/or “white guilt.”
• A look at Akon’s smart city in Senegal. Akon investing is in Africa, however, can economic freedom achieved while it is looking more likely that the continent may be a battleground for a proxy war.
• Thoughts on Biden talking down on black leaders during zoom call. Biden/Harris Administration ignoring calls for a meeting.
• BLM takes in $10billion yet chapters claiming none of the money is trickling down to the people in the streets putting in work. Did BLM pull one of the biggest grifts in history?
• Are we getting superpowers on the December 21st?
• Wrap Up

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