New Social Media Platform Launched For Black Talk Radio Network

As the founder of Black Talk Media Project, a nonprofit media organization, Black Talk Radio Network, award-winning podcasting, and digital radio platform, I am happy to announce the launch of the new BTR Community social media platform.

We first established a social media platform for our community back in 2016 because of the institutional racism that seems to exist on corporate platforms that harbor racist groups but banned or suspended the platforms of Black activists. We had some serious issues with the software first used to establish the first social media platform, then switched to another companies software back in 2018. Unfortunately, that company went out of business in 2020 and we were forced once again to find new software.

We were able to find new social media platform software and are very happy with the abundance of features that we did not have on the past platforms.

While establishing safe digital spaces for people classified as Black has been the primary mission of our non-profit, the subscription-based social media platform also allowed us to raise revenue in furtherance of our core mission.

Users can obtain a subscription for just $24 a year or they can obtain a trial subscription for $5 per month. We appreciate our current subscribers and their patience with us through these trying times. Instructions for current subscribers to join the new platform is being emailed to them.

We hope you enjoy the new social media platform and will invite your family and friends.

Best regards,

Scotty T Reid
Founder & President
Black Talk Media Project

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