BTR News: COVID Depopulating African Americans, Trump Signs COVID Bill, Nashville Bombing & More…

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COVID 19 Destroying Future Black Generations

On the last broadcast, I was discussing the harm COVID 19 is doing to people worldwide and particularly vulnerable populations in the nation hardest hit by the disease, the United States. I discussed the irresponsibility with those who have been undemocratically appointed leaders in the Black community espousing harmful conspiratorial commentary that isn’t based on medical science but rather on fear and paranoia about the vaccine more than the disease it is meant to prevent.

An article on the topic of the COVID death rate in the African American community and the depopulation of a generation of young black men was recently published and is a good read. How many family and friends have you lost to the pandemic?

An early December Pew Research survey was conducted to see what groups were likely to take the vaccine vs those unlikely to get it.

Asian Americans and immigrants were the groups most likely to say they would receive the covid vaccine, Black Americans the unlikeliest. Now that thousands have received the vaccine with minimal side effects, will that sway any minds or no?


Trump Signs COVID Legislation Without $2,000 Stimulus Checks

True to his character, Trump plays games with people’s lives and while pretending as he cared so much for the average families in the United States advocating for $1,400.00 more than the paltry $600 negotiated by the Trump administration, Republicans and Democrats. Trump threatened to veto the legislation over the issue but he signed it into law over the weekend. CNN reports on what is contained in the legislation.

DNA Identified Suspect In The Nashville RV Bombing

The thing that is odd to me about this story is that 63 yr old  Anthony Quinn Warner, was allegedly concerned about the US government spying on US citizens over 5G wireless networks. I say it’s odd because the US government has always spied on its citizens as technology has advanced so not sure what bombing one communication site is going to do to stop it?

Surprise, Surprise, The CIA Running Death Squads In Afghanistan

The head of the CIA, Gina Haspel made history as the first woman to lead the US agency that has shown that women in fact are no different than men when it comes to being brutal, murderous, and heavy-handed as news of CIA death squad operating in Afghanistan.

Black Woman In Jail Could Have Been Another Breonna Taylar

Luckily things did not play out as they did when St. Louis cops killed Breonna Taylor but they sure could have when Diamonds Ford, a 28 yr old Floridian found her home the target of a no-knock SWAT raid. Ford, and her fiance’ Anthony Gantt were asleep just like Taylor and her boyfriend when they were awakened by intruders, in Ford’s case, the sound of glass shattering, her lawyer, Stephen Kelly, told News 4 JAX. He said she was unaware the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) was executing a high-risk search warrant when she shot her gun through a window in purported self-defense and hit an officer. It was only afterward when JSO identified itself, the 911 call shows.

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