Police Brutality Film Maker Brutalized By Police Obtains Cam Video Months After Requests

Jacksonville, FL — Brittany Chrishawn (Williams), the award-winning police brutality filmmaker who was brutalized by police and left with broken teeth and permanent nerve damage, has finally received bodycam footage after a 7-month long wait (Watch the footage here). This footage exposes the lies of the officers, and parts of the body cam footage released by prosecutor Richard James Giglio have been edited to protect the police. There are random sections in some of the videos where the audio has been removed, and these sections happen to be at the exact moments that Brittany Chrishawn Williams had already described in her affidavit of facts. She wrote in her affidavit back in May 2020 that she heard JSO police officers plotting to conspire against her and joking about being able to get away with illegal acts. This is a major issue that must be brought to light because police officers should not be able to edit body camera footage to protect themselves and convict innocent people. Read more….

Find Brittany’s online petition and other ways to support her here:

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