On this episode of Live From The Plantation, the prisoners have an update on Kinetic Justice the incarcerated abolitionist activist, victim of modern slavery and solitary confinement, a co-founder of the prisoner group Free Alabama Movement, a group that seeks to abolish slavery in the state of Alabama. Kinetic Justice was hospitalized after being attacked by staff of a Alabama state prison. The correction officers involved in the attack are currently on leave and prisoners say that an officer who carried out the vicious attack, Lt. Jenkins, has a long and sordid history of brutality and violence. Jenkins has been promoted several times during his tenure under Commissioner Dunn, showing a pattern of reward for brutality at Donaldson.

Additionally, there have been multiple lawsuits brought against Donaldson Prison and ADOC on behalf of the men incarcerated there who have been beaten, brutalized, and raped by officers.

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