The Harsh Reality Podcast Ep.20

• Slim Stimmy: A quantitative look at the consequence of low info voting. Also, what should people do with their cut of the hush money?
• Breaking down our thoughts on the jab. Marvin Hagler the latest victim according to a post by Thomas “Hitman” Hearns.
• George Floyd’s trial coinciding with the $27 million dollar payment to his family. Is this pre-shadowing for a non-guilty verdict?
• The gender divide continues…. Goldman Sachs pledges $100 million to black women only. Should black men re-evaluate their standing with black women?
• In the latest rounds of bashing straight black men, barbershops are targeted for being misogynistic and homophobic by the miserable/bitter woman crew and their allies. Is this a case of clout chasing?
• Kirk Franklin’s son shares a recording of the gospel star cursing and threatening him. Is this abuse, or is the situation being blown out of proportion?
• Wrap Up

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