Abolition Today – Cries of the Vilomah S2-E19

“Vilomah is a Sanskrit word that means against a natural order. It took years of pondering, research, and discovery for the word vilomah to come into the forefront. It’s used to describe a person whose child has died. It’s a complicated concept wrapped up in a small but powerful word. Its meaning embodies everything that is when a parent has to bury their child. It goes against a natural order. Karla Holloway, a James B. Duke professor of English at Duke University, coined the term after suffering the loss of a child and discovering that there was no word that gave meaning to a parent whose child has died.”

– Dr. Alejandra Vasquez, JD, CT

On this Mothers Day 2021, we provide a platform and listen to the voices of mothers suffering unspeakable tragedy within a system of legalized slavery. Parental warning and trigger warning. Adult language and content.
Neither the issue nor the voices will be censored.

If you would like to call in to speak with the host our number is (515) 605-9814

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