Abolition Today – America IS The Hypocrites Glass House

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America portrays itself as the global moral police while openly perpetuating crimes against humanity. Every year more and more nations call out the hypocrisy of our democracy. In this episode Max and Yusuf point out the systemic human rights violations. We’ll highlight the voices of nations and global human rights organizations who are calling out merica on their BS and demanding justice for the oppressed and accountability for the oppressor.

We will also explain how the US’s prison for profit model has been adopted worldwide as an economic development program used to generate revenue through systems of slavery portrayed as justice. Thanks to efforts led by slavery abolitionists, the global for-profit prison company called the GEO Group is near bankruptcy. Will it be slain or make a comeback? We’ll discuss it.

As always, the music and poetry alone is worth the price of admission and we will continue to brings the words of the ancestors back to life in our Bridging The Gap segment. Abolition Today is available for streaming from all your favorite podcast platforms and is simulcast on The Black Talk Radio Network.

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