BTR News – White Male Is Claiming To Be Transracial After $150,000 Surgery

Dave Chappelle, a comedic genius who tackles tough topics through comedy while making salient points about society in general, a few years back talked about the concept of transracial as it compares to being transgendered and how the concept is utterly confusing. Now we have a so-called influencer in the UK, a white male claiming a Korean identity after having surgery to make themselves, yes they also identify as “they” and “them”, look Asian.

Now the defenders of transgender identities are saying that you can not compare transracial to transgenderism, again, very confusing.

Now more and more people, including some who identify as transgender are pushing back against forcing females to compete with biological males who identify as women and girls in sports because of the scientifically proven physical advantage.

It’s all very confusing and defies logic.

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