Abolition Today – Conversation with The Queen Mother of Benin, West Africa

Join Max and Yusuf for a conversation with the Queen.

Her Royal Majesty the Kpodjito Queen Mother Dr. Dòwòti Désir Hounon Houna II Guely of The Royal Palace of Dada Daagbo Hounon Houna.

A Queen Mother for our times, Her Majesty is the quintessential PanAfricanist. The Kpodjito is the Queen Mother of HRM Dada Daagbo Hounon Houna II Guely, the Supreme Chief of Vodou Hwendo. A bi-continental woman, The Queen Mother lives between the United States of America, and the Republic of Benin. In almost six hundred years, she is the first person in the Americas and the African Diaspora designated as a crowned head in Benin; the first Haitian to be enthroned on the African continent, and the first publicly enthroned Kpodjito or “Mother of the Leopard” in Benin Republic since the end of the 19th century. An educator, author and activist, she is a thought leader in spiritual reparations, heritage tourism, and post-modern human geography.

Her Royal Majesty is also a UN committee member and works with the Abolish Slavery National Network in their efforts to end legal slavery in the US as it is allowed by the 13th amendment to the US constitution.

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