BTR News – Talking Black Self Love, Naomi Osaka and More W/ Author M.J. Fievre

BTR News w/ Scotty Reid welcomes author, social media creator, and self-care advocate M.J. Fievre about her recent book series “Badass Black Girl”. Fievre has been writing since she was 19 years old when she first signed a publishing contract and her writings are known throughout Europe and the French Antilles after nine books she wrote in French were published.

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In addition to discussing her latest book series focused on Black women, hopefully, we can get her opinion on reporting and opinions coming out for and against world number two tennis pro Naomi Osaka’s decision to withdraw from one tennis major and skip another citing self-care reasons. Former tennis pro and six-time champion, and alleged tax dodger, Boris Becker had some harsh words for the 23-year-old 4-time major champion Naomi Osaka after she declined to participate in Wimbledon 2021 shortly after dropping out of the French Open.

Nomia Oska’s father was born in Haiti and like Richard Williams, father of the tennis greats Williams sisters, Serena and Venus, Leonard François taught Naomi and her sister Mari Osaka to play tennis at an early age to prepare them for success in the world of professional tennis, a white-dominated field in terms of the industry hierarchy and ownership. While Serena and Venus have been trailblazers for Black women in professional tennis, some have also said Naomi Osaka is a trailblazer in mental self-care to deal with the media circus that often can be challenging and taxing for Black professional athletes across sports.

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