The Harsh Reality Podcast Ep.23

• Texas bans abortions after 6 weeks, is it hypocritical for people to call it a woman’s right issue? Black abortions have equaled births in places like NY and Mississippi.
• Joe Rogan gets the “Rona” and is then persecuted for stating what helped him clear it up in 3 days? Hypocritical of hyper-political ppl to criticize him for giving his health opinion?
• Are indoctrination centers (schools) on their last leg? Record number of kids withdrawing, is the collapse of education centers a win for the people?
• Economics 101: Money/numbers are a language and why it is invaluable to speak it. Real estate, stocks, and crypto talk.
• The media silence on worldwide protests. Why watching the news is a lesson in anxiety induction.
• The true toll of the pandemic: The loss of elders, and valuable knowledge.
• Wrap up

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