BTR News – Murder Music And Gun Violence

Stop deflecting and start protecting the minds of our youth who find themselves being the target of mindless murder music programming.

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4 Replies to “BTR News – Murder Music And Gun Violence”

  1. Beer, bullets, and booty shaking….these are the activities the music industry/corporations have programmed into the minds of youth as “fun” going back to 1985’s P.S.K. by Schooly D.

    The corporations have gorged on the profits made from the misused time and energy of the youth under the guise of “entertainment” to the point where the corporations have become addicted to the money.

    Why would they make any effort to change/Interrupt their profit stream without first identifying a replacement source? Because the corporations love “Black” people and want to see them thrive not just survive to increase their ESG (Environmental Social Governance) scores?

    Just step outside, watch the latest broadcast, or read the latest study on quality of life scores to see how much love the corps have for people classified as “Black”.

    The violence experiences and expressed within the “Black Community” is a product of social programming dating back to the earliest days of the enslavement business.

    People classified as “Black”, along with people classified as “white” and others, have been trained to believe and practice the behaviors which use violence as a tool for confict resolution and to establish power and control over others. This behavior has been miscategorized as “respect”.

    The American business model does not find fiduciary value in and therfore, has no need for, the automaton called the African American. They are too expensive, undesirable, and Black. All.of which render them, in theinds of the American, useless eaters that need to be done away with.

    The enslavement was supposed to keep the “Black” subservient; illiteracy was supposed to keep the “Black” ignorant; The KKK was supposed to keep the Black in fear; the Black codes along with segregation were supposed to keep the “Black” corralled and easily observable; The American Eugenics Society/planned Parenthood was supposed to exterminate the “Black” out of the American society; Civil rights laws were supposed to pacify and lull the “Black” to sleep; TV sitcoms aimed at the “Black” audience were supposed to keeps “Blacks” off the street and laughing on the couch while ordering useless junk via 1-800 lines; Blaxploitation movies were supposed to give the “Blacks” new heros that were destructive yet looked good cannibalizing the community; Disco was supposed to get the “Black” to stay up late, dance, drink and smoke a lot so they would be late for work; when all.of those attempts to get rid of the “Black”, gaster rap was unleashed.

    A lethal weapon of mass destruction, gangster rap was just the vehicle the corporations needed to further reduce the “Black” population and retard cognitive growth.
    The most diabolical part of the scheme is the destruction was made to come from the minds and the hands of “Black” people themsleves, the corporations get off “Scott” free and to this day, faithfully exclaim the line by that great African American poet lauriet Shaggy, “wasn’t me..”

    Who is going to come to the defense of gangster rap and be taken seriously in a congressional hearing? Lil Jon? Master P? Scarface? Ice Cube? Not without a team of white sociologist to translate for them to the congressional panel(s).

    Gangster rap has nothing to do with the decision to conduct a school shooting.
    That honor belongs to main stream media and ultra MK operation mockingbird programming of the feeble American psyche.

    I am not immune as I bobbed my head too and drank the rhythmic “Kool aid” from Rappers delight upto about ’96 when I got turned off from the genre.

  2. As far as the cause being state sanctioned propaganda which is how I C… this. Yes the quantum computed Aleks children’s learning program like trending thought propaganda based on digital footprints specifically targeting every individual based on advertising IDs (which YOU MUST DISABLE TO STAY SANE!) has almost everyone under the influence of the Justice system of slaveries control! Just like cointellpro was just for the Panthers and a few others in the beginning but now NSA watches ever single digital communication, the things done to men like Jessie Jackson Jr and Kanye West which we may never see in a news report but as African Descendants of those kidnapped and terrorized into enslavement its easy to recognize the patterns of the system of slavery. Driving us crazy utilizing technology and manipulating Americans in Nazi like experiments may sound crazy as hell but when you’ve spoken out against the slavery system in the present that’s what you KNOW as a reality whether you C… it or Not. Not saying they targeted that person to do that but they have that power and like PhD Ani says it’s their Assili to empower their reality with everything they do…In my humble opinion. C…

  3. Humbly the new trickknowlogy is really old. It’s an entangled way of getting US to argue their position. School shooting? Put out something to deflect the attention away from young white males. So they use misinformation techniques about Ninjas (their new code word and N word) don’t shoot up school’s. Then we articulate what it is they want the Black Community talking about. No disrespect meant. C…

    1. Black people use the word (code) Ninja in place of saying the derogatory word “Nigga” or “Nigger” so it has nothing to do with white people. They may use the term and may use it differently from Black people, but since I used the word Ninja, I am telling you why.

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