BTR News: What Is A Moral Injury And How Does It Affect Vets And Cops?

Tonight’s main topics will cover the term “moral injury” being associated with military veterans that encompass symptoms like feelings of “betrayal, anger, shame and guilt” and it can lead to how this might play a significant role in the high suicide rate among veterans who fall victim to societal alienation. Often they are written off as suffering from the broad term PTSD associated with those who experienced combat during warfare but not all vets who suffer moral injuries have to do with seeing blood and guts on a battlefield or being forced to partake or witness the slaughter of civilians.

Now think about the moral injury that will be caused to US service members who don’t want to go fight and die for a fascist right-wing government turned dictatorship in Western Ukraine whose so-called President recently stated to the press that Russia wants to invade the Baltic NATO states and then the US will have to send their sons and daughters to fight and die. Russia has sought peace with Ukraine with the latest official meeting being the Minsk Accords but Zelensky who ran as a pro-peace candidate has been seduced or coerced into adopting the agenda of the far-right fascist political elements that include neo-Nazis who have deified the Nazi WWII collaborator Stepan Bandera.

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However, before we get into the main topics, here are a few news, entertainment, and culture items that caught my eye over the past week.

Reports are true that Mississippi Republican RHINOS are attempting to disenfranchise voters with a bill that will create a district where judges in the criminal justice system will not be elected but become political appointees.

Mediaite, a blue check mark media company that gives “news” and “opinions” about the media was caught on social media pushing disinformation about the US government not funding neo-Nazi elements in Ukraine and no other so-called fact-checking organization fact-checked them when it is a well-documented fact that they were and still is.

The actor and former rapper Ice T aka Tracy Lauren Marrow took a jab at today’s generation of rappers calling them “soft” and “goofy”. Some hip-hop old heads don’t agree one hundred percent.

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