Black Women Speak – Celebrating Black Music Month, Honoring Tina Turner!

Join us for an inspiring conversation sponsored by Vision Media Group, LLC./BlackTalkRadioNetwork.

Black Women Speak! Hosts – Collette Williams and Dr. William Tayari Howard


Celebrating Black Music Month!
Topic: Honoring Tina Turner!

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One Reply to “Black Women Speak – Celebrating Black Music Month, Honoring Tina Turner!”

  1. Excellent presentation all-round for an excellent innovator Tina Tuner and thank you all for your efforts. There are some interesting podcasts that document the takeover of Hip Hop’s conversion into gangster rap, and it has to be seen as continuous warfare against the only Hominoids, African DNA /RNA, that constantly invents good to excellent music along with other inventions pertaining to others aspects of life, who by Genetic design moves on to the next invention; while others mimic and try to take the credit for what their genetics to date cannot invent. This behaviour of mimicry has been going on for thousands of years, and it should be recognised accordingly. These compulsive and organised global atrocities are driven by parasitic, jealousy, envy, hate, inadequacy, cowardice, People grabbing, Land grabbing, Resource grabbing etc, power, control and profit as a minimum. Gratitude to all the truth seekers and all the truth speakers.

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