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If you would like to start a radio programming on the increasingly popular digital radio station Black Talk Radio Network but do not want to concern yourself with learning the technical aspects of broadcasting, we now offer professional production services for as low as $15 per hour. For just $60 per month, you can host a 1-hour weekly talk radio program on our digital radio station and we will take care of all your technical production and post-production needs.

Your program will air live on the Black Talk Radio Network’s main digital radio station, which currently averages over 40,000 listeners a month in several countries. Listeners can tune in via mobile apps provided by for our station. After your live program airs, the podcast will be professionally edited and posted to the Black Talk Radio Network website where your podcast can be listened to and downloaded as an mp3. Your podcast, if accepted, will be distributed through iTunes and Stitcher and put in rotation on our digital radio station under the name of your program.

To help you secure sponsors/advertisers, you will have access to the station’s monthly performance reports to gauge your audience.

Your program will be promoted on Black Talk Radio Network’s website, our Facebook Page and Twitter account and with audio ads on the station.

To start the process, email us at or call 704-817-2161.

*Production services provided by the Black Talk Media Project.
*Only programs focusing on producing content for the African diaspora will be considered.
*We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
*We can not guarantee that your podcast will be accepted by third parties.
*No refunds, payment for services are in advance.

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