Scotty Reid is the founder of the non-profit media organization Black Talk Media Project which is in its 12th year. He is the host and producer of the BTR News podcast and New Abolitionists Radio which he has co-hosted for several years. He is a free-thinking Christian prison slavery abolitionist who can’t be put in a box politically, socially or otherwise. He is the father of three and a US Army Veteran of the Gulf War. He has been producing news talk programming since 2007 and has interviewed hundreds of guests on various topics over the years.

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6 Replies to “Black Talk Radio News w/ Scotty Reid”

  1. Hi Scott I enjoy your show . i listen all the time .please keep doing what you are doing .I am looking forward to become a great support in the near future

  2. Prince monies went to political stuff..
    Jada PICKETT Smith came and gave money to our States Attorney so they and Sew seeds to our Oppressors

    1. And we should invest money in politics, all special interest groups do it, the private prison industry. Big Tobacco, you name it. o I don’t see a problem with Prince investing money to affect politics, I know he was not putting it behind politicians but he also funded things for the poor. They said he did a lot for people in Minneapolis. I’m not sure I get your point, we have to play the game of politics. Politics control everything, and sometimes people do the wrong thing not knowing because they were fooled. People gave money to elect a new DA in Philly that may get Mumia out of prison. My issue is with those who do nothing but take and never give back in any kind of way. I also wished you had called in as scheduled, what happened?

  3. Christians usually pray to the L-rd not to charge their enemies w/the sin of murder; however, I never read in the scriptures where true believers told their enemies they forgave them. I am going by memory, and maybe, I missed a verse or verses. Still, I do understand, to a degree, the victims’ family members… just not the timing. They need our love not our hate.

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