Ariel Sharon: Another War Criminal goes to grave without answering for crimes

Ariel Sharon and George W Bush - War criminals meet and greet.
Ariel Sharon and George W Bush – War criminals meet and greet.

By Scotty Reid

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon also known as “the Butcher of Beirut,” has evaded justice by going to his grave without answering for his many crimes against humanity. Sharon had spent the past seven years comatose after suffering a massive stroke in 2006. He was kept alive on respirators until finally dying today at the age of 85.

In 1982 when Sharon was the Israeli Defense Minister, Lebanese Christian militias aligned with Israel massacred hundreds if not thousands of people and a Israeli inquiry into the events found that Sharon was partly responsible. While Prime Minister, Sharon also oversaw wide expansions of Israeli settlements on Occupied Palestinian Territory which is also “prosecutable as a war crime” according to Human Rights Watch and something the current Israeli Prime Minister is doing this day.

While the mainstream media likes to portray the Six Day War as Israel protecting itself from its Arab neighbors, in actuality it was what aggressive war mongering nations like to call a preemptive strike on sovereign nations where Israel was able to orchestrate a massive land grab. It was also during the Six Day War when Israeli jets and torpedo boats attacked the U.S.S Liberty, an US Navy research vessel, and killed 43 US sailors and wounded 171 crew members. The Six Day War is where Sharon made a name for himself among Israelis when he led his men to route  Egyptian forces and take over Um Cataf, a crucial crossroads in the Sina which Israel still occupies. During the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Sharon and troops under his command defied orders when they surrounded Egypt’s Third Army and got within 100 miles of Cairo.

After news of his death surfaced, the Obama administration issued a statement that read in part, “We reaffirm our unshakable commitment to Israel’s security and our appreciation for the enduring friendship between our two countries and our two peoples.”

While the President is doing what is expected of him as the non-white figure-head of the most powerful racist white supremacist government on the planet, I assure you that he does not speak for me nor many others who recognize Israel for what it is, a white supremacist country surrounded by non-white people who are victimized by it on a daily basis. Ariel Sharon and his passing without answering for his war crimes is just another reminder that the global system of white supremacy is not a just system but one of great injustice.

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