Nigerian pop star launches skin-bleaching cream called “Whitenicious”


By Scotty Reid

More evidence of the mental sickness known as White Supremacy is showing up more and more on the continent of Africa. As the people of Africa are exposed to Western based media whether it is the music industry or Hollywood, it is inevitable that some of them will become infected with the white supremacy virus.

Unfortunately, exposure to this terrible disease is spreading around the world and no one is safe as there is no type of inoculation one can take to protect themselves from becoming infected. There are also no known cures as it is a disease that affects the mind. Even if one is able to be deprogrammed, they may not be able to reverse the physical damage they may have done to themselves.

Dencia 2011
Dencia from 2011 music video “Beri Beri”

One such victim is a Nigerian pop star who goes by the name of Dencia. The photo pictured here is taken from a screen shot of a 2011 video she posted to YouTube. One can only speculate if this is when she started bleaching her skin as she still has some beautiful melanin left. Not only does she now look like a ghostly embodiment of her former self but also she is now trying to infect others and make money off a skin-bleaching product called “Whitenicious”.

The product description says Whitenicious is for “Dark Knuckles, Knees and Elbows is a moisturizing cream enriched with powerful natural ingredients that will nourish your skin and lighten dark knuckles, knees and elbows.  Use three (3) times daily for fast results.  This product has been formulated for sensitive skin.”

Whitenicious 2

Judging from her physical transformation, it is apparent that Dencia has been applying the cream to her entire body including her scalp.

The website where she is hocking her self-hate cream for Black people says it should be kept out of reach of children. Considering the warnings that have issued for using skin bleaching agents over the years suggest that it should be kept out of reach of everyone.

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