MM Radio: Why wait in line to be pimped by the music corporations?

Anti-Industry activist Rhymageddon

January 14, 2014 – 9:00PM EST

360WISE will interview East Orange, NJ Indie / Hip-Hop Artist Rhymageddon about the urgency of Pushing yourself as a artist, being at the mercy of the music corporations & being Anti-Industry activist live tonight on Militant Minded Radio.

After we talk to Rhymageddon, we will revisit the Juicy J Scholarship contest which initially called for female contestants to submit a video of themselves to World Star Hip Hop twerking to his song “Scholarship” telling him why they deserved the $50,000 award to pay for college.

$50,000 scholarship winner Zaire Holmes
$50,000 scholarship winner Zaire Holmes with Juicy J.

Upon hearing about the contest, Truth Minista Paul Scott and the Militant Minded Militia think tank issued a called to Juicy J to end the twerking requirement of the contest. Today it was reported that Juicy J awarded the $50,000 dollars to contestant Zaire Holmes.

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2 Replies to “MM Radio: Why wait in line to be pimped by the music corporations?”

  1. Ignore I shouldn’t be but I am shocked everyday by the minds of our powerful black men. How dare he take something as important as a college scholarship and ask girls to demean theirselves for it. People rant am rave about beauty pageants but this was, in all honesty, Heart breaking to hear. This was a low down way to exploit black women yet again. And I’m just, I’m not just angry, I’m seriously heart broken. It’s just not okay, and I am so glad that a Man stood up this time and called another man out for his behavior. I know that Juicy J thought he was helping, but it should have never come at that expense. And I feel terrible for him for having that mind set and for the girls that felt the need, desire and/or ure to enter the contest. It’s sad that black people cannot even offer each other a respectful way to help better each other.

    1. I hope you tune in, you might be pleasantly surprised. We will discuss on second half of the show.

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