Tanya Free: Half of all Black males in the United States have been behind bars by age 23

Tanya Free & Friends

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This week’s topics include:

  • Half of all Black males in the United States have been behind bars by age 23, according to a new study What’s your take? What should America’s and especially Black America’s response be to this scourge on our community?
  • New Jersey Governor Chris Christie: What did he know? Is he lying?
  • A recent poll revealed a record high 42% of Americans identify as political independents. What’s Your Take? How about you? How do you define yourself politically?
  • Some college athletes play like adults, read like 5th-graders.

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One Reply to “Tanya Free: Half of all Black males in the United States have been behind bars by age 23”

  1. I think its terrible that Racists are targeting Black males for extermination. But just because their targeting us doesn’t mean they’re superior and Obama can beat them in two Presidential Elections.

    White people are dumb and they’re desperate. Instead of lamenting the fact that they hate us we must push forward to continue to distance ourselves from them. Soon they will go the way of the dinosaurs.

    Racist bully Chris Christie knew that the same Racists who wouldn’t pick him as their Presidential nominee for touching Obama would use his lying and corruption as an excuse to bash Obama. What he doesn’t know is that his chances of ever becoming President have evaporated. Whites don’t mind a lil’ Racism but after George W. Bush lying is the kiss of death.

    My friend was a Lawyer in DC and she said rumor was Dick Chaney’s heart was bad and Bush was going to make Colin Powell Vice President and he and Condi Rice would become the Republican ticket running for President in 2008. We musta’ changed our Party affiliation to Independent so fast it would make Hillary’s head spin.

    As for the athletes who are supposed to be dumb because they play sports, That’s silly. We have the highest literacy rate in the history of this Country so let’s stop playin’.


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