PP Radio: From CointelPro to the National Defense Authorization Act 2014

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January 26, 2014 – 9:00PM EST

Several lawsuits have been filed against the United States Government as it pertains to the massive spying program revealed by whistleblower Edward Snowden to the recently passed National Defense Act of 2014. As more and more people on both the left and right side of the political spectrum express concern and outrage that the United States is becoming a Police State, those same people were more than happy with extrajudicial killings and the wrongful imprisonment of non-white people. Now that non-white people occupy high positions in the US government, they perceive that they can become targets and now want to raise holy hell. But what really gets me is the right wing pro-freedom and liberty crowd who simply hate President Obama because he is black seem to gloss over the fact that he is just one man and there beloved Republican party helped to the pass the legislation with unlawful dentitions intact.

Black people in America do not get a pass as illustrated by a recent article by Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report. In the article, Ford cites a Pew research poll that shows that Black people in the United States are more anti-Edward Snowden and pro NSA spying than whites. That is like saying that back during the revelations of CointelPro in the 1970s, that Black people were fully supportive of the US government spying program that targeted many Black leaders and organizations from the civil rights movement to the Black Liberation movement. Of course we know CointelPro included more than just spying and just like today, the US Government was engaged in targeted assassinations and sham criminal trials all in the name of protecting the security of the United States.

Political Prisoner Updates

seth hayes

Robert Seth Hayes daughter penned a letter recently asking for the publics help in getting him released, she also asked people to sign a petition to that end. Hayes has been held as a political prisoner/prisoner of war for over 39 years.


Leonard Peltier


Leonard Peltier was visited by UN Special Rapporteur for Indigenous Peoples James Anaya this past Friday. A radio interview describing that meeting can be heard on KPFA community radio.

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