Kanye West: What does it cost to punch a white racist in the face? $250,000.00

kanye west kkkKanye West reportedly has paid $250,000 to the man who called the paparazzi stalking Kim Kardashian niggers and then turned on Kardashian after she allegedly chastised him for his use of the word. Allegedly, the young man threatened to kill Kardashian whom he referred to as a “nigger-loving slut”. Some commentators are saying Kanye West came out on top by having to pay just $250,000 with the agreement that the racist white male will not be pressing criminal charges.

After being called a “nigger-loving slut” and threatened with bodily harm, instead of calling the police, Kim Kardashian called Kanye West who came to her rescue and tracked down the young man who was in the waiting room of a Beverly Hills chiropractor. According to eyewitness accounts, Kanye proceeded to pummel the racist male who had insulted his girlfriend and mother of his child, who sat balled up in a chair to protect himself from the blows.

However, it will be up to law enforcement on whether or not to charge West with battery but its probably unlikely without a cooperating witness. Jury Nullification could come into play depending on the potential jury in a criminal case that may or may not render a guilty verdict and see Kanye West as justified in carry out vigilante justice against a white racist who threatened the mother of his child. There are no updates on whether or not Kim Kardashian will purse charges against the man for making death threats against her or if dropping the matter was part of the agreement.

One has to wonder if this was part of the man’s plan all along and an easy payday for a racist white supremacist who is probably laughing all the way to the bank to cash his check. So much for the saying, “don’t write a check your ass can’t cash” when this man’s mouth ultimately made him $250,000 richer.

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