Who gives a f#*% about a GD Grammy with special guest The Kidd Creole

Militant Minded Radio

January 28, 2014 – 9:00PM EST

Joining us on tonight’s broadcast of Militant Minded Radio is The Kidd Creole of the legendary hip-hop group Grand Master Flash and The Three MC’s and later known as the Grand Master Flash and The Furious 5. Yasin 360Wise will talk to him about where hip-hop began and where it is going.

After we talk to The Kidd Creole, Militant Minded Radio will weigh in the latest Grammy awards.

As many Hip-Hop heads rage on about the white rapper Macklemore winning several Grammys while more worthy artists like Kendrick Lamar went empty handed, we gotta recycle the question put forth by Chuck D of Public Enemy and ask, “Who gives a fuck about a Goddamn Grammy“.

If awards are so important to Black folks, why don’t interested parties get together and create their own music awards organizations? And we are not talking about the NAACP Image Awards where gangster rappers in all their vainglorious buffoonery are given awards for their fake gangster personas.

The Grammys according to many including artists who have boycotted the event and turned down awards, is a sham showcase for the music industry. But why do Hip-Hoppers care so much or is that they are yearning for white corporate industry validation of their favorite music and artists?

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