The C.O.W.S. Super Bowl XLVIII

Sunday, February 2nd 8:00PM Eastern/ 5:00PM Pacific

The Context of White Supremacy simulcasts live with Super Bowl XLVIII. Dr. Frances Cress Welsing and others have emphasized the significance of White people’s ball games. With millions of captive brains around the world, Racists use this event to transmit gargantuan amounts of White Supremacy Logic. On the field, Payton Manning has been cast as the prototypical “All American,” White gladiator/god. His opposition, thug (nigger), braggart Richard Sherman. We’ll share observations from the contest as well as the million dollar commercials in between. Cannabis has been profusely promoted throughout the buildup to kickoff. We’ll see what other products and concepts Racists disseminate during the bout. Gus will be on the look out for the latest Planet of the Apes trailer – scheduled for 2014 release. Keep an eye out for that “controversial” Cheerios commercial – “interracial” intercourse is being highly promoted world wide.

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One Reply to “The C.O.W.S. Super Bowl XLVIII”

  1. Yes Racists thought they could win the Superbowl by simply being White. Meanwhile Pete Carroll realized long ago that Whites aren’t superior at least not when it comes to football(shoot any sport) and if you don’t have some Brothers in the skill positions including quarterback and you don’t prepare you will certainly LOSE like they do when they face an election against President Obama.

    Where Dr. Welsing and them go WRONG is while Blacks thinking Whites are superior should cause us to prepare more carefully for our battle with them their thinking they are superior results in 40 point losses to the Seahawks and Obama.

    Every successful Black person in this Country on this planet rejects the notion that Whites are superior and that belief alone is enough to lap them.

    Please tell the people to stop hating our Black Race and Culture stop scolding young Blacks for how we where our pants or how we twerk or how we speak or using a damn N-word. Let’s embrace who we are and be proud to be Black and beautiful. If we do this we as a Race will be taking home that trophy.


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