BTR News: Push to abolish slavery in Indiana makes local paper and Black groups refuse to endorse it

2-3-2014 2-33-36 PM

February 3, 2014 – 3:30PM EST

A push to change the Indiana Constitution so that it actually abolishes slavery in its language instead of allowing for it as punishment for crime as the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution does, makes a Indianapolis news publication. However, there are some Black lawmakers and groups who won’t endorse it including Rev. Al Sharpton’s Indiana chapter of the National Action Network. In related news, there was a media white out of the text of the 13th Amendment in published articles making its anniversary on Jan 31st. See Video:

Patriotic white supremacists set Twitter ablaze yesterday over the Coca-Cola commercial that featured different ethnic groups in the United States singing America The Beautiful in their own languages. Racially showcased african-American conservative Alan West felt the need to reaffirm his allegiance to white supremacy by writing a blog post on why he did not like the commercial as reported by Hinterland Gazette which has screenshots of some of the racist tweets.

Remember when I reported on the skin bleaching product called “Whitenicious” being pushed by African pop music star Dencia? Well Ebony magazine did an interview with the singer who defended her product and stuck to the script that it is a “dark spot” remover and denied she lightens her skin and said her skin tone change is from staying indoors.

And in more Super Bowl related news, did anyone catch the pre-Super Bowl faux interview President Obama gave to the racist FOX News host Bill O’Reilly? Bill O’Reilly did his best to not ask any questions of substance and rather kept the focus on same old tired right wing crap we are accustomed to mainstream propaganda outlets.

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