Jurors in Michael Dunn murder trial said to be deadlocked

Michael Dunn shot and killed teenager Jordan Davis in November 2012.
Michael Dunn shot and killed teenager Jordan Davis in November 2012.

By Scotty Reid – The Jurors in the 1st degree murder trial of Michael Dunn continued deliberations Saturday morning. Michael Dunn, a 47 yr-old Florida software developer is standing trial for the murder of 17-yr-old Jordan Davis and several more counts of attempted murder including a charge of shooting or throwing a deadly missile. The jury also has the option to consider lesser charges that include second-degree murder, manslaughter, second-degree attempted murder and attempted manslaughter.

Jurors, which include one Asian woman, one Hispanic male, two Black women, four White women and four White males, began deliberating the case on Wednesday after closing arguments. Media reports on Friday suggest that the jury may be deadlocked on at least one charge after jurors reported to the presiding judge that it has “reached a wall.” The judge presiding over the case indicated that deliberations might continue until Sunday, which would be on Jordan Davis’s birthday.

Jordan Davis and three of his friends were parked at a Jacksonville gas station when approached by Michael Dunn to turn down their music. After the teens reportedly refused to follow Dunn’s commands, it is reported that he opened fire on the SUV they were sitting in firing at least 10 shots. Jordan Davis was struck in the hail of gunfire and was killed. After the shooting, Dunn drove to a hotel to spend the night with his girlfriend before driving hundreds of miles from the crime scene and was later arrested when police went to his home the following day.

Dunn never called the police to report the confrontation. On the witness stand, Dunn claimed to have been in fear for his life and that the teens had pointed a weapon at him. The teens were unarmed. Despite how some media outlets have characterized the case, Dunn never invoked the controversial law known as “Stand Your Ground” and was not given a SYG hearing but opted instead for a trial by jury.

Update: Jurors are said to be unable to reach a unanimous verdict on the charge of first-degree murder or any of its lesser included offenses.

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6 Replies to “Jurors in Michael Dunn murder trial said to be deadlocked”

  1. Those of us who called for a trial in Florida after the George Zimmerman trial were so wrong. The laws of Self-Defense in Florida are the problem not the Stand Your Ground Laws which require a Racist to STOP or PREVENT an attack not simply murder someone Black on the strength and say you feared for your life.

    Moving forward this must be the LAST trial we have in the State of FL or any red Kill em’ cause they Black State. Having these trials taints any possible Federal trial– have a 98% Conviction rate which is crazy and only means they aren’t taking enough cases. I hope that all of us will call on these cases to be tried in Federal Court with our Black Attorney General so Justice can be done.


    1. There is nothing preventing the Feds from filing charges of violating the constitutional or civil rights of these victims. We see they have not and will not file charges federal charges against Zimmerman even though they said they were looking into it, that was eons ago. We as Black people need to start handling these racist killers in a way that sends a strong message that we will not stand by while you murder our children and then stand around hoping for justice in a system where there is none. I’m just saying.

    1. No they are merely making it “look” as if its a fight they fully intend to acquit that Racist Monster on all charges and have since the beginning. By taking race out of the prosecution they take out any possible reason for Dunn’s action but Self-Defense.


      1. Maybe so, but remember there are some black women on this jury and they remember what happen to the other black woman in the Zimmerman case. They are not going to have that happen in their lives. Plus, hardcore racists are not buying his story even while they are singing his name. I could be wrong and you are right–but I don’t see him walking away.

      2. You were right about the murder charge. Thank you to the ones who fought for guilty–at least you tried.

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