Michael Dunn found guilty of attempted murder but not for the murder of Jordan Davis

Michael Dunn is scheduled to stand trial on feb 3, 2014 for the murder of Jordan Davis.
The jury could not reach a verdict on 1st degree murder charges for killing of teenager Jordan Davis.

By Scotty Reid – After deliberating since February 12, over 30 hours later, the jury in the Michael Dunn murder trial has found him guilty on three charges of attempted second-degree murder and one charge of shooting into a moving vehicle but the jury remained deadlocked on the murder charge involving the killing of Jordan Davis. It would seem a no-brainer that Dunn would be found guilty of at least manslaughter but because it could not reach a unanimous agreement, the judge declared a mistrial on the one charge related to the killing of the 17-year-old teen who was in the vehicle that Dunn fired into at a Jacksonville gas station.

The state of Florida can retry Dunn on the 1st degree murder charge but prosecutors have not announced yet if they plan to do so. Dunn faces a minimum of sixty years in prison for the four charges he was found guilty off committing.

Update: Florida state attorney Angela Corey has announced that Michael Dunn will be retried for the murder of 17-year-old Jordan Davis.

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2 Replies to “Michael Dunn found guilty of attempted murder but not for the murder of Jordan Davis”

  1. I thought I just heard they will retry him for Jordan’s death. I could be wrong. Thank you for the update.

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