Three Georgia men arrested for allegedly plotting terrorist attacks through Facebook

teapartymilitiaThree men from Georgia allegedly participated in online chats in a secret group on Facebook that discussed committing acts of terrorism meant to get the US Government to declare martial law. Brian Edward Cannon, Cory Robert Williamson and Terry Eugene Peace were all arrested and charged with conspiring to receive and possess firearms, pipe bombs and thermite grenades. The men were all given federal public defenders after being declared indigent.

The three men allegedly discussed attacking power grids, transfer stations and water treatment facilities, which they believed would trigger martial law, according to federal prosecutors. The men seemed to have been reported by members of the Facebook group and prosecutors have at least two cooperating witnesses.

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3 Replies to “Three Georgia men arrested for allegedly plotting terrorist attacks through Facebook”

  1. When the country went back to foundation of the “U.S. Constitution” during the government partial shutdown, what did they do? Did they rejoice? Did they say this is wonderful? Did they say, “Amen, now let’s do this right ?” Yes, during the government shutdown we came close to the original U.S. constitutional government… because many of the agencies were not in existence when the “Founding Fathers” formed this nation based on the U.S Constitution. Therefore, why were they plotting to overthrown “the government” that gave them what they wanted? Who was hollering the loudest about restarting the government? They received it then turned around and had the nerve to scream, “Start it up again!!!” Conflicted. Forgive me Mr. Reid, for breaking my word. Sometimes, I do not understand American’ts.

  2. That story is crazy. The 98% Conservative owned media would have sworn up and down they were dark skinned Islamic terrorists when they know damn good and well they’re Racist Tea Party Nuts who hate Obama cause he’s Black. They wont’ even report this story and shame on them for not doing so.


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