Thug New Jersey cop’s plan to frame innocent man exposed

A dash cam video obtained by investigative reporter Sarah Wallace has helped clear Marcus Jeter of Bloomfield, New Jersey who was facing several criminal charges, which included eluding police and assault. Jeter was of course facing several long years in prison, as it is doubtful the prosecutor in the case would have disclosed the evidence to Jeter’s defense attorney who also did not believe his client. Prosecutors claimed they were unaware of the dash cam video.

The police of course were in possession of the dash cam video but none who viewed it sought to prevent an innocent man from going to prison, instead they filed a false report that the video did not show any wrongdoing by officers.

Luckily, for Marcus Jeter, the news media actually did its job and investigated his claims that he was being set up by corrupt criminals with badges. All criminal charges against Marcus Jeter have been dismissed and the two Bloomfield police officers, one white and one non-white, who tried to frame him for a crime he did not commit have been indicted for falsifying reports and one of the thug officers was charged with assault. A third officer pled guilty but faced no jail time and was allowed to retire. None of the other officers involved in the conspiracy to cover up this injustice have been charged.

Is this more evidence of the broken justice system that US Attorney General Eric Holder spoke of in 2013 or is the system actually working in the corrupt way it has always worked for non-white people?

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