Former cops call the $41 billion spent annually on drug war a waste

Brown County, Wisconsin spends 2 million per year in drug prohibition efforts. If drugs being available on the streets shows that the drugs can not be kept off the streets no matter how much of taxpayer’s money is wasted, why continue trying to enforce the unenforceable?  Rather than admit that prohibition does nothing to keep drugs off the street and use by adults should not be a criminal offence, Brown County District Attorney David Lasee makes a ridiculous argument against legalization by comparing drug use to rape.

Make no mistake, without criminal defendants to prosecute, people like Lasee would be laid off and/or forced to prosecute real crime instead of wasting the people’s time and money trying to control or dictate what free people consume. If people like him were really concerned about drug use, they would favor funding drug treatment over imprisoning people for no good reason.

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