First a Black Annie and now a Black Jesus are sure to inflame racist suspects


Last week it was reported that the Twitterverse and Youtube were awash in racist comments from suspected racist white supremacist lamenting the debut of a black “Annie” character in the film starring child actor Quvenzhané Wallis. Social media should brace itself for similar comments after the news of a black Jesus character to star in a new comedy to air later this year on Adult Swim.

Aaron McGruder, the creator of the popular television cartoon series Boondocks is set to debut a new series called Black Jesus on the Adult Swim cable network. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that “The Turner-owned network has picked up a new half-hour live-action comedy series called Black Jesus from Aaron McGruder”.

Lets hope that Black Jesus gives evangelicals like Pat Robertson a heart attack. Seriously, though, I am sure they will be plenty of racist commentary around the debut of a Black Jesus on cable television being ghettoized and/or melaninated.

Speaking of Jesus, in February a campaign to boycott the film Son of God was launched taking issue with Jesus being portrayed as a European white male. The boycott was not successful as evangelicals flooded the movie theaters opening weekend to see another European actor in the lead role of Jesus.

Despite whether or not one believes a man by the name of Jesus who was the son of God ever existed, it one were to accept his existence, surely critics say, Jesus would not have looked like a long haired white male hippy but would have been of a dark complexion based on archeological evidence of humans who lived in the North African region where Jesus was said to be born.

However, if God can cause a virgin to become pregnant and carry his seed, I guess God could also change the fetus’s ethnicity so he closely resembled the Romans occupying the area and not the indigenousness people inhabiting the land.

McGruder’s Black Jesus character will live in Compton, Los Angeles and will travel about the community spreading love and kindness.

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