Timothy Jay Vafeades, 54

Trucker held teen relative captive as a mobile sex slave

Timothy Jay Vafeades, 54
Timothy Jay Vafeades, 54 kept female relative as a sex slave

Timothy Jay Vafeades, 54 is a sick and disturbed man, allegedly he kidnapped a 19 yr-old female relative and kept her as a sex slave in the cab of his truck as he crisscrossed state lines. Vafeades convinced the teen to leave Florida to visit him in Utah tp help him work on his truck but when she want to return home after a week, he attacked her and then used further threats and violence to make her stay for what would become seven long months. During this time Vafeades forced the teen to have sex with him reportedly over 100 times according to court records.

Vafeades was caught when a law enforcement officer at a truck weigh station noticed bruises on the teen’s arms and questioned her which led to Vafeades’ arrest.

Image used for truck mud flaps
Image used for truck mud flaps

A second woman came forth after hearing about the arrest and claimed that she had been held as a mobile sex slave by Vafeades. The woman who said she met Vafeades at a truck stop, agreed to have dinner with him in the cab of his truck but he refused to let her leave and went as far as to force her to change her appearance and “marry” him. The woman who has not been identified said she was held captive for three months are forced to have sex almost every day. How the woman escaped from Vafeades is not clear. No charges have been filed in relation to the second woman’s allegations.

It is not known at this time if Vafeades was attempting to change the identity of both victims whom he had file their teeth. More about the case can be found on MSN.

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2 Replies to “Trucker held teen relative captive as a mobile sex slave”

  1. This guy possibly did this to more than two women. He had a lifetime protection order issued against him to protect the 19 yrs old. She was about 14 yrs old when it was issued. She stated he called her his “slave.” She had to work without paid. Her parents or guardians had reasons to fear he would harm her in the future and he did.

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