President Obama’s Florida speech calling on sexist business managers to pay equal wages to women

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At an event during what was described by the Associated Press as a “political excursion” into Florida, President Obama spoke out against those who would continue to pay unequal wages to female workers. The AP’s choice of the phrase “political excursion” is interesting in that a second-term president traveling to a southern state is described in war like terms.

The President should be careful while in Florida which has history of terrorist activity in the decades that followed the Cuban revolution. Cubans who grabbed all the riches they could and relocated to parts of Florida have harbored known terrorist. Some of those arrested over the years because of their connections to the CIA have never been convicted of planning and carrying out attacks on businesses, government officials, airplane bombings and attacks on tourist staying on the Island.

Anyway, what was the Lilly Ledbetter case all about? I thought perhaps incorrectly that the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 solved this sort of sexist wage discrimination?

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