The C.O.W.S. w/ Chad Goller-Sojourner: TransRacial Adoption

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March 27, 2014

The Context of White Supremacy welcomes Chad Goller-Sojourner. Mr. Goller-Sojouner is black, male, gay, a writer and solo performer. He was adopted by White parents. His award winning performance credits include Riding in Cars with Black People & Other Newly Dangerous Acts: Memoir in Vanishing Whiteness and Sitting in Circles with Rich White Girls: Memoirs of a Bulimic Black Boy. Mr. Goller-Sojouner explores his bouts with depression, low self-esteem and his search for identity. It seems that being adopted by Whites and Racism is at the center of many – if not all – of the traumas he’s experienced. We’ll ask him what his adoptive parents taught him about Racism, and what privileges he acquired as a result of growing up in a White home. We’ll get his thoughts on possible correlation between his sexual behavior and being a product of “transracial adoption.”


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