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March 28, 2014
The Context of White Supremacy hosts the sixteenth study session on former South African President Nelson Mandela’s autobiography, Long Walk To Freedom (1994). Gus believes this has been an opportunity for Victims of Racism to learn more about the region of South Africa and the business operations of White Terrorism in this location during the 20th century. Last week’s broadcast detailed the reign of P. W. Botha, whom worked to manipulate Madiba to make South Africa appear less Racist. We heard additional incidents of the ongoing terrorism that Winnie Mandela endured during Madiba’s incarceration. As black South Africans actively opposed the Terrorist regime, White’s coordinated globally to manage the cost of doing business (practicing Racism). We also heard ongoing – unsubstantiated – accusations that Madiba and other freedom fighters were “communists” and that this constituted an infraction or a potential threat to Whites. This week’s segment explores the State Presidency of F. W. de Klerk. He’s attributed with working diligently to dismantle many aspects of the Apartheid regime – including opening beaches and public facilities to black people. He received the 1992 Nobel Peace Prize for allegedly abolishing Apartheid. Pay particular attention to the terms used to describe de Klerk as well as the genesis of a “racial democracy” in South Africa.


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