Father remembers daughter Mitrice Richardson on her 29th birthday, murder unsolved

Mitrice Richardson who would have turned 29 today according to her father Michael Richardson


The murder of Mitrice Richardson remains unsolved but there has always been suspicion that she was raped and murdered by a deputy after being released in the middle of the night from a jail in a secluded area in 2009. Officers working at the facility claimed they released the young woman who according to witnesses at the scene of her arrest said Richardson was showing signs of mental or psychological distress. Officers despite the evidence and explicitly being told by the young woman’s mother not to allow the young woman to leave the facility alone and that she was coming to pick her up, officer’s still allowed the woman to walk into the night. Mitrice Richardson’s body would be found a year later in Malibu Canyon in 2010 and as far as we know, was last seen alive by members of the Lost Hills/Malibu Sheriff’s Station.

Not much has been written about the case lately and Sheriff Lee Baca, who was heavily criticized for the handling of the death investigation by the Richardson family, has since been forced into retirement amid an inmate abuse scandal uncovered at the Los Angeles County Jail. Richardson’s skeletal remains were reportedly mishandled by deputies after being told by the coroners office by phone not to disturb the scene or the remains yet Baca felt confident or obliged to immediately declared foul play was not involved.

Happy Birthday Mitrice.

Justice for Mitrice

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7 Replies to “Father remembers daughter Mitrice Richardson on her 29th birthday, murder unsolved”

  1. I just saw this on disappeared.
    Does anyone know why, her behavior had changed?
    Im seeing the program., the resturant said she was refusing to pay her bill?
    But they also said people from the resturant were offering to pay,
    But. They called the police anyway
    Makes no sence.

    1. Her grandmother offered to pay the bill over the phone. No they did not have to call the police but you know how that goes.

  2. I would like to know why she was arrested in the first place, as well. In that, may lie the truth and motive or lack of, for why, what the father believes happened to her, may or may not have happened. In any case they were negligent, in letting her wander out into the night, alone, but of course they never give an account for anything they do. To let them tell it, they have always been justified in anything they do and the fact that she was a black girl, that hey victimized, they will always have someone who feels they were justified in how they handled whatever, however they handle it. We already know that! We saw That in the Trayvon Martin case. That will change, though, when people stop accepting their bull crap.

  3. Why is this ugly society allowed time after time to get away with crimes against humanity? Ethnicities need to retreat to their original lands and get to the higher ground all while acknowledging their creator for salvation.

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