Guantánamo prisoner transfers show President Obama’s power to release cleared men

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Commenting on the news that five prisoners have been released from Guantánamo Bay, Strategic Director and attorney for detainees Cori Crider, said:
“The Guantánamo prisoner exchange shows that to close the prison, where President Obama has the will, there is a way. Yet there are still cleared men who remain imprisoned – people who were never any threat and were told years ago they could be released.  Shaker Aamer has been due to see his wife and four children since 2007, and could leave tomorrow with a stroke of Obama’s pen. To this day, many of my clients are being force-fed in a disgusting manner because they have been cleared so long they believe they will die in Gitmo.  Let’s hope this deal is a sign of more leadership from President Obama on letting the cleared men go home, too.”

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