Services for slain new black panther officer


Funeral Services for Fahiym RBG Ali, the fallen and much beloved national minister of information of the New Black Panther Party, will take place on Wednesday, June 4th, at 1PM at the Oglethorpe Funeral Chapel, 607 Kaigler Street, Oglethorpe, Georgia.

Early on Tuesday evening, May 27th, the Party was stunned when it learned that Ali had been senselessly gunned down in his Miami, Florida community.

Early reports on the shooting said that Ali was gunned down in a drive-by after having had a minor altercation earlier with a stranger! Later reports say that shooter may have been a drug dealer who may well have targeted Ali, viewing him as an obstacle to his new activity in that community. Nothing has been reported on the case to date in local press.

Ali hosted the Party’s weekly blogtalk radio show and only weeks earlier participated in the Party’s confronting Jasper Texas Rangers for their role in the mishandling and covering up in the Alfred Wright lynching case.

Imamu Fahiym Olugbala Ali was also serving as the chairman of the People’s Center Council of the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika and as a New Afrikan Legionnaire at the time of his death. He was also a strong voice for reparations.

He was only 41.

Just as tragically, Ali did not have insurance when he died. Funds are now being raised to help with his final expenses. The Fahiym Rbg Ali Memorial Fund has been established for that purpose. Here is the link:

“Most upsettingly is that we truly need young men like Fahiym in the trenches of our communities, using that courage and wisdom beyond his years to help turn this thing around,” observed an angry Zayid Muhammad, the party’s national minister of justice, and himself a survivor of gun violence.

“Our flag will be at half mast for this brother whom we loved,” said a deeply moved Krystal Muhammad, the Party’s national chair…

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