Zero evidence Las Vegas cop killers have ties to white supremacy

The Millers

By Scotty Reid

First let me preface this post by saying that just because a white person does not have ties to white supremacist groups or publicly expresses white supremacist sentiments, it does not mean they do not practice racism against non-white people.

The common narrative coming out of so-called mainstream news sources about the couple that executed two Las Vegas police officers while they were having lunch, had ties to white supremacist groups. The only evidence presented by the so-called journalists writing this white supremacy narrative is one person by the name of Brandon Moore who lived in the same apartment complex as the couple and he told the media “They were handing out white-power propaganda and were talking about doing the next Columbine”.  Interestingly a link to an article on the page of the story citing Mr. Moore and describing the couple as Neo-Nazis has been scrubbed but here is another link with the same allegation. Mr. Moore does not describe this “white-power propaganda” in any detail.

According to ethical rules in journalism, you are supposed to verify that something is true or is not true before you put it out there as a statement of fact. Citing one person who lived in the same apartment complex does not verify that Jerad and Amanda Miller had ties to white supremacist groups like the Klu Klux Klan or Neo-Nazis as the Las Vegas police have stated to the media. With that said, I am not stating that the two did or did not have ties to any of these groups, I am saying that I can not verify the reports that the media, a number of so-called hate group experts and the Las Vegas police statements that they did in fact have these white supremacist ties.

I also would not put much stock in the statement by Mark Pitcavage who is the director of investigative research for the Anti-Defamation League, which monitors hate groups. Pitcavage said the Millers appeared to be “right-wing anti-government extremists of the ‘Patriot’ movement variety, believing in all the common militia-type conspiracy theories.”

That is broad criteria and millions, no hundreds of millions of people could fit that description and of course, whenever the phrase “conspiracy theories” arise, you can be sure that the intent is to portray someone as being insane for believing that government officials could be involved in criminal conspiracies.  Someone should tell that to Republicans in Congress. What theories Pitcavage is referring to are not evident. As I could find none out of the ordinary, nothing millions of Americans do not believe themselves. It also appears that Pitcavage did zero research on the Millers or perhaps he did and is lying.

This story attracted my interest because of white supremacist going after cops, who can resist reading a sensational story like that. Therefore, I kept reading article after article repeating the same narrative, “couple with white supremacist ties murder two police officers”. However, I could not help but the notice the lack of evidence being presented that the Millers did in fact have ties to white supremacist militia groups who have been training for a race war so I decided to do my own research by scouring the Facebook pages of the two.

First, I researched Amanda Miller’s Facebook page.

I could not find any apparent evidence of white supremacist leanings. It did not help that her timeline of status posts were missing or set to private but the page still had a lot of photos, a friends list and a list of her favorite movies, music and books.  There was not one photo of her giving the Nazi party salute, no photos of her wearing a Klu Klux Klan or Neo-Nazi uniform and no photos of her playfully hanging stuffed monkeys with nooses and Mein Kampf was not listed among her favorite books. She belonged to what looks like a local activist group, a group to legalize cannabis and one for Heroclix gamers.

Now I am really asking myself why are these “journalist” painting this story with a white supremacist brush without any proof. Amanda Miller did not appear to have any Black friends in her friends list but she does have a few Hispanics listed as friends. I am assuming that full-blown white supremacists do not befriend Mexicans but I could be wrong. As I said, none of this means she was not a racist but it also does not support the media’s white supremacist narrative.

Moving on to Jerad Miller’s Facebook page.

Again, I could find no evidence that Jerad Miller had ties to a white nationalist, white supremacist or a Neo-Nazi Group. He belongs to one Facebook group, the same local activist group his wife Amanda belonged. He also appeared to like video gaming but did not seem to be into music or movies or books. He did hold many of the same views associated with the Tea Party but most of his views seemed to be rooted in Libertarian ideology, not white supremacist ideology, as he appears to be a fan of Ron Paul, a former politician who has stated that the criminal justice system, the drug war and the death penalty are racists.

As I went through his timeline and the list of Facebook pages that he liked, I found that we shared some of the same political views and had liked some of the same pages like Law Enforcement Against Prohibition which is a group lead by retired Major Neill Franklin, a Black man who once broke out in tears over “what I did to my people” at a conference on mass incarceration. Franklin also stated that the war on drugs “has put police in a war against their people.” Jerad Miller had been charged with cannabis possession.

Unlike his wife Amanda, Jerad Miller does appear to have at least one token Black friend in his friends list. Again, having Black friends does not prohibit one from practicing racism and white supremacy but I find it hard to believe that a full blown white supremacist would have anything to do with a Black person at all. Conversely, having no Black friends does not mean you are practicing racism and white supremacy, it might mean you live in Iowa or New Hampshire.

Then there is the photo he shared of Harriet Tubman and her famous quote that states, “I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed more if only they knew they were slaves”. I could be wrong but I do not believe white supremacists and neo-Nazis go around quoting Black female freedom fighters.

Jerad Miller FB Post

So again, I have to pose the question about why the media, the police and so-called experts on racism and hate groups are pushing this false narrative. As I posted to my own Facebook page, “Why paint a false narrative? Because you have to discredit the political views of any person who kills a cop.”

Remember it was not that long ago that Ted Cruz stood on the Senate floor and lampooned one of President Obama’s choices to lead the Department of Justice’s civil rights division simply for working in a law agency that handled the case of an alleged “cop killer”. In shooting down the nomination of Debo Adegbile who did his job supervising the legal defense of accused cop killer and political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal that was successful in removing him from death row, Cruz read statement from a Philadelphia police union and the poor grieving widow of the suspected racist cop.

Never mind the fact that the Philadelphia police department at the time had a long documented history of brutalizing Black residents of the city. Never mind that Mumia Abu-Jamal was said to be coming to the rescue of his brother who was being beaten by the cop he allegedly killed. Never mind the fact that his criminal trial was wrought with prosecutorial misconduct. Also, never mind the fact that the Philadelphia Police department was an active participant in the FBI COINTELPRO activities that targeted, assassinated and framed members of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense of which Mumia once belonged before affiliating with the John Africa group MOVE. The Philadelphia police department murdered John Africa and other MOVE members including children when C4 explosives were dropped on their home burning John Africa and other occupants alive. The bombing destroyed an entire Black neighborhood.

Being anti-cop, why they threw the Nazi symbol on the one cop, and being pro-cannabis legalization does not make one anti-government or a white supremacist neo-Nazi. No one can credibly argue America is not a police state and police corruption and violence against civilians is not rampant. If you follow any number of Facebook pages that share stories of the daily police abuses, one would come to the same conclusion that police are an oppressive force in America. We are talking about a country, the United States, which locks up more of its citizens than any other country on earth and it amounts to 21st Century slavery and human trafficking. Cops play a vital role in 13th Amendment style slavery.

I have a suspicion that this white supremacy angle is being played up so the public will be sympathetic to the two cops killed and cops in general. I believe this is also to draw in Black people and other non-white people to pick sides, cops or white supremacists, which in my opinion, pretty much stand for the same things when it comes to non-white people. I also believe I have provided more evidence that Jerad and Amanda Miller did not have ties to white supremacist groups than the media, Las Vegas law enforcement and experts on hate groups have provided to prove that they did have such ties. Now if you are like me, you have to ask yourself, why they are lying. I have already answered the why but feel free to do your own research.

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7 Replies to “Zero evidence Las Vegas cop killers have ties to white supremacy”

  1. First, all the victims appears to be white. Second, it has been reported they were at Cliven Bundy’s ranch and they were expelled for their extreme views (this is vague from the Bundy camp). Third, they reported they had a ‘manifesto’ but hadn’t revealed what is in it. Fourth, the strangest part of this whole incident is the police kept saying several times they didn’t know the motive for the murders and then “ta-da” it included white supremacy with anti-government sentiments. Maybe, they found the motive in the ‘manifesto’ or in one of their videos. Last, it appears they may have been homeless–having no permanent home in Las Vegas. Could this have been suicide by cop too (note: we are told the wife killed the husband then herself)? What was their financial status? How they were able to buy guns and ammo, but not have their own apartment? I could be wrong, this is just a possibility. Is it possible they went to Cliven Bundy’s ranch with this resolve also because they were unhappy in life?

    Las Vegas Revolution Shooter VIDEO Jerad Miller – Manifesto
    Since when a video to your wife is a manifesto?
    Video of Jerad Miller Speaking at Cliven Bundy Ranch

    1. People should not take the media nor the police at face values. They tell lies and we know they do. It could be that they are white supremacists and express such views in this manifesto, if so, where is the evidence? They can say anything is in this manifesto and btw, why wasn’t it posted online assuming it isn’t. How do I know one actually exists if the only source is the police?

      1. I agree. I doubt there is a ‘manifesto.’ If there is one, they would have issued copies in a press release by now. Maybe, they will issue it later, if it exists. After your report, some news outlets have backed off the white supremacists stance (somewhat) and are leaning more towards the anti-government stance. This is more towards their beliefs but this isn’t the total picture.

        1. No doubt many of us will not be surprise if they had racist beliefs, but they were not formally connected to known white supremacist orgs like the police claimed (at least not yet.) With all those brown people surrounding them … they killed only white folks? The police haven’t release any information the couple left behind. We are in the dark. In their minds, they were martyrs for freedom against tyranny. Again, it’s more than we are told or can see.
          Note: How did the police know the killers’ beliefs so quickly without enough evidence? Do some belong to similar groups? Is this why they jump to certain conclusions? Just seems strange (or just how fast the crime scene info came in.) Until more information is release, we will not know.

          1. This means throwing out any kind of moral code,

            The ethics of journalism do not apply here

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