NC police suspected of racism bringing in racist comedian to perform at benefit concert

By Scotty Reid

The NAACP of Lincoln county is raising awareness about the possible white supremacist leanings of the Lincolnton-Lincoln County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #85. While the nation focuses on the execution of two Las Vegas police officers and the Las Vegas police and media promote imaginary ties of the shooters to white supremacist groups, the Lincolnton-Lincoln County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #85 is planning to host a benefit concert featuring a comedian by the name of Willie P. Richardson. Richardson is not just any comedian; he is a popular white comedian that performs in Black face and is known for his crank calls speaking in broken English pretending to a Black person. His website promotes his racist act as “clean humor”.

Some of Richardson’s videos that have been posted to Youtube promote right wing ideology and undermine non-white people’s right to vote. The North Carolina legislature, controlled entirely by Republicans, passed a voter-id law that is being challenged in the courts.

The Lincoln County chapter of the NAACP does not think Willie P. Richardson’s act is funny and it is calling for his appearance to be cancelled.

Lincoln County NAACP Branch President Debra C. Williams wrote in a press release to the local media and the Lincolnton-Lincoln County Fraternal Order of Police,

“The Lincoln County NAACP finds this comedian offensive to the African American community since he is a Caucasian male portraying an African American. If Mr. Richardson is such a funny comedian, why does he have to paint his face black and belittle other minorities in the process?” Williams said. “We should not allow division to be among our community as we allow others to come in and belittle our ethnic groups.”

For now, The Lincolnton-Lincoln County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #85 seem intent on tickling the racist funny bones of its members. Lincolnton-Lincoln County Fraternal Order of Police president Brian Greene when asked about the objections of the Lincoln County NAACP, told the Lincoln Times News,

“The only thing I can say officially is that we are a membership organization, the membership voted to have this comedy concert, and the members are the only ones who can change that. The executive board can’t change it, I can’t change it, nor any other officer in the lodge can make this change.”

That is right, cops who are patrolling Lincolnton voted to bring in a racist propaganda act to entertain them and those who purchase tickets to the event which is scheduled to take place on June 28, 2014 at the Lincoln County Citizen’s Center which is located at 115 West Main Street, Lincolnton, NC 28092.

The Lincolnton-Lincoln County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #85 president Brian Greene declined to give comment when asked if he and the other members knew that Richardson was a white male performing in black face.  Some of the funds undoubtedly will go towards the legal defense fund of cops who kill civilians as that is one of the main functions of police unions.

The Lincolnton-Lincoln County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #85 maintains a website, a Facebook page and the listed phone number is (704) 240-9924. The lodge is physically located at 517 N Poplar St, Lincolnton, NC 28092.

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4 Replies to “NC police suspected of racism bringing in racist comedian to perform at benefit concert”

  1. I rember Eddie Murphy dressing up like a white guy on SNL. Oh wait, that was juat comedy. I rember 2 african american males dressing up as white girls in “White Chicks”. Oh wait. That was just comedy, again. I rember David Chapelle acting like an african american in the clan. Again, that was comedy. For goodness sake, give it a rest already.

    1. False comparisons and just because some idiot comedians did something does not mean the people in the area have to be comfortable with a minstrel show. The police already have a bad reputation for racial profiling, I’m sure this is helping that image. Several residents both black and white said it is offensive and gives the town a black eye. This isn’t SNL in New York putting on a skit, this isn’t Hollywood, California movie producers making a film, this is law enforcement in a small country town paying money to bring in a minstrel performer whose act is based on racial stereotypes. I don’t expect racist suspects or ignorant African Americans to understand how offensive and inappropriate conduct this is for law enforcement officers.

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