Only An Innocent Man Would Drive Himself Back to Prison to Fight For Exoneration and Freedom!

On June 14, 2012 Lorenzo Johnson turned himself back into prison, facing serving out a sentence of life without parole for a murder he did not commit. Lorenzo Johnson fights in the courts and asks Society to make its voice for Justice heard!
Johnson and his attorneys have filed new legal challenges in the PA state court and the U.S. District Court. PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane is on record in federal court challenging the new evidence and has stalled on its promised “investigation” of his innocence and the prosecutorial and police misconduct underlying his conviction. Petitions for Lorenzo Johnson’s immediate freedom continue to be sent to the Attorney General and rallies demanding Johnson’s release took place in Harrisburg, PA last December 18 and on May 2 the date the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated his conviction two years ago. (Check out the website for press coverage and photos. A fuller report will be posted soon.)
Kathleen Kane had an open interview with the Harrisburg Patriot News Editorial Board on June 3, 2014. Kane was questioned by supporters of the Campaign to Free Lorenzo Johnson: Where are the missing pages of discovery that have been withheld for over 18 years? And why is the AG’s “investigation” taking so long, an innocent man sits in prison? The answer from the Attorney General was to thank Lorenzo Johnson for these questions and to say her office is looking into it!
( To find the comments specific to Lorenzo, speed up to 7:08 and 13:00)
As Lorenzo says in, “After Two Years: The War for Freedom.”
“I don’t only represent my own Innocence; I stand firm for EVERY Innocent Prisoner. I’ve been labeled crazy for volunteering to turn myself back to prison after being freed on a Life Sentence, to once again fight to prove my Innocence after it took sixteen and a half (16½) years the first time. You know what, I am crazy, crazy for PEACE, FREEDOM and JUSTICE…
“I’m one of many who have suffered from being Innocent. I advise everyone to speak out and expose his Injustice.  At the end of the day, most of us have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. It’s been nineteen (19) years for me, how much longer?”

“Watching my husband turn himself back in prison for a crime he did not commit after giving the state of PA almost 1/2 his life already was heart breaking. I am pleading to our “Justice System” to do what’s right and free Lorenzo Johnson today!!! Bring our nightmare to an end!!” —Tazza
Lorenzo and Tazza Urgently Need
Your Financial Help!
Lorenzo Johnson draws strength for this fight from all of his supporters. But it is his wife, Tazza, who is in daily contact with him, reaching out to everyone and as Lorenzo’s spokesperson. Just this week, Tazza had a financial setback with expensive repairs needed for her car. It is a three-hour costly drive to visit Lorenzo.
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