Will Angela Corey drop charges against Marissa Alexander now that warning shots are “legal” in Florida?

Florida Warning Shot Bill

by Scotty Reid –

It was just over a week ago when Marissa Alexander’s retrial on charges related to her firing a warning shot to fend off her estranged husband in 2012 was put off from its July 21st date until December of this year. A judge in Florida denied Alexander immunity from prosecution at her first “stand your ground” hearing back in 2012. Alexander would later be convicted at trial and sentenced under anti-gun laws receiving a mandatory 20-year sentence even though the weapon she used was legally registered and she had no previous criminal record or arrests.

Alexander’s conviction was overturned on appeal in 2013 and her new trial was just recently postponed in light of a bill known as the “warning shot” bill, which was passed by the Florida legislature specifically with Alexander’s case in mind. Florida Governor Rick Scott signed the “warning shot” bill into law on Friday.

Where the case heads now is anyone’s guess but if Angela Corey is interested in implementing justice, she should order the prosecution to drop the case immediately. As it stands now, Alexander’s attorneys are arguing that she be given a second “stand your ground” hearing whereas it is possible, a judge could issue retro-immunity from further prosecution. An active Change.org petition demanding for the state to drop all charges has over 88,000 signatures and counting.

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