Black Talk Radio: Friday Night B*itch Session

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Open lines and whatever is on your mind is what the Friday Night B*itch session is about because sometimes you just want to vent to and get things off your chest.

Black Talk Radio News focuses on the global social/political news and issues of the day from a Black perspective. It is produced and hosted by Scotty Reid and airs on the Black Talk Radio Network radio station. - Free myspace Profile Counter


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One Reply to “Black Talk Radio: Friday Night B*itch Session”

  1. The black woman at the store (in the video) possibly felt threaten (assaulted) by the white male’s words and actions. He has continued his harassment of her online. Now, is he a victim or a predator? Like the host stated, this incident can viewed several ways depending on how you look at it. We only have his side of the story. But, the video says…

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